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ProAlKi - Hierarchy Effects in Kiranti and Broader Algic

This is the Wiki for the project members. It is primarily used as internal database and not open for non-members. See the official project page for more information.

The Wiki uses standardized Page Types: The Languages detailed view pages listed below categorized into Families detailed view contain general detailed information about the Morphemes detailed view of each language and display the Paradigms detailed view in a way that is convenient for analyzing. Paradigms are grouped into Paradigm Classes detailed view of the same optical layout and cell meaning. They are linked to Feature Systems detailed view, defining the features they use. Comparison Pages detailed view combine various paradigm pages on one page to facilitate comparison, while Analyses detailed view only group together paradigms that constitute a single data set used to feed automatic analysis. There are also Material Pages collecting all kind of information, e.g. phoneme inventories, maps, presentations, paradigms for each language. This information is not yet presented in the Wiki format, rather it is raw material to get an impression of the languages.

Broader Algic

Arapaho ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Blackfoot ButtonYellowSmall.png , Cheyenne ButtonYellowSmall.png , Chimariko ButtonRedSmall.png , Cree ButtonYellowSmall.png , Delaware ButtonRedSmall.png , Fox ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Karuk ButtonGreenSmall.png , Kutenai ButtonRedSmall.png , Menominee ButtonYellowSmall.png , Miami-Illinois ButtonYellowSmall.png , Micmac ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Nipmuck ButtonRedSmall.png , Ojibwe ButtonGreenSmall.png , Passamaquoddy ButtonYellowSmall.png , Potawatomi ButtonYellowSmall.png , Proto Algonquian ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Shawnee ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Wiyot ButtonRedSmall.png , Yana ButtonRedSmall.png , Yurok ButtonOrangeSmall.png


Athpare ButtonGreenSmall.png , Bahing ButtonGreenSmall.png , Bantawa ButtonGreenSmall.png , Belhare ButtonGreenSmall.png , Camling ButtonGreenSmall.png , Chintang ButtonGreenSmall.png , Dumi ButtonGreenSmall.png , Hayu ButtonGreenSmall.png , Jero ButtonGreenSmall.png , Kohi ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Kulung ButtonGreenSmall.png , Limbu ButtonGreenSmall.png , Lohorung ButtonGreenSmall.png , Mewahang ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Proto Kiranti ButtonOrangeSmall.png , Puma ButtonGreenSmall.png , Sunwar ButtonGreenSmall.png , Thulung ButtonGreenSmall.png , Wambule ButtonGreenSmall.png , Yakkha ButtonGreenSmall.png , Yamphu ButtonGreenSmall.png

Portmanteau Project - The Internal Structure of Person Portmanteaus

This Wiki also constitutes the internal working platform for the project the internal structure of person portmanteaus.

The main page for the project can be found here.


Forest Enets  , Hungarian  , Kamas  , Khanty  , Mansi  , Mator  , Mordvin  , Nenets  , Nganasan  , Selkup  , Tundra Enets 


Akawaio  , Carib  , Dekwana  , Hixkaryana  , Ikpeng  , Makushi  , Panara  , Tiriyo  , Waimiri Atroari  , Wayana 

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