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Language Languoid LID LOID Continent Area Analysis Forms Elim Status
Darai Indo-Iranian 1399 199 S/SE Asia Indic Dry/Paradigms/to all/Npst identifiers ta ready
Bahing Kiranti Bhj/Paradigms/to all/M/Pst underlying ta exclude
Hayu Kiranti 450 632 S/SE Asia Indic Vay/Paradigms/to get up/Npst underlying ready
Bahing Kiranti S/SE Asia Indic Bhj/Paradigms/to all/M/Npst underlying exclude
Bahing Kiranti S/SE Asia Indic Bhj/Paradigms/to all/H/Npst underlying exclude
Karuk Algic 234 125 W N America California Kyh/Paradigms/to_X/NO underlying ready
Potawatomi Algonquian 6 2324 E N America E North America Pot/Paradigms/to all/IO/animate underlying y,UkO,a ready
Mordvin Uralic 531 2120 N-C Asia Inner Asia Myv/Paradigms/to see/Npst identifiers ready
Ainu Ainu 12 4 N-C Asia N Coast Asia Ain/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Chuckchi Chukotkan 56 118 N-C Asia N Coast Asia Ckt/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Fox Algonquian 694 6 E N America E North America Sac/Paradigms/to X/IO/animate underlying exclude
Hixkaryana Cariban 101 85 S America NE South America Hix/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Jaqaru Jaqi 119 210 S America Andean Jqr/Paradigms/to X underlying exclude
Ket Yeniseian 564 129 N-C Asia Inner Asia Ket/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Maricopa Yuman 465 572 E N America Basin and Plains Mrc/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Nocte Brahmaputran 2176 447 S/SE Asia Southeast Asia Njb/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Quechua (Ayacucho) Quechuan 2359 417 S America Andean Quy/Paradigms/to X/L underlying ready
Reyesano = Tacana Tacanan 2590 409 S America NE South America Rey/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Tepehuan Totonac-Tepehuan 372 516 C America Mesoamerica Tpt/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Thangmi Remnant Himalayish 2563 459 S/SE Asia Indic Thf/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Turkana Eastern Nilotic 2641 359 Africa S Africa Tuv/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Yimas Lower Sepik 288 420 NG and Oceania N Coast New Guinea Yee/Paradigms/to X/Pos underlying ntut ready
Kunama Kunama 147 263 Africa Greater Abyssinia (Africa) Kun/Paradigms/to X/Prefixing underlying ready
Maung Iwaidjan 181 207 Australia N Australia Mph/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Wardaman Wagiman-Wardaman 401 537 Australia N Australia Wrr/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
Sahu North Halmaheran 343 549 NG and Oceania Oceania Saj/Paradigms/to X/P underlying ready
Siuslawan Siuslawan 442 471 W N America Alaska-Oregon Sis/Paradigms/to X underlying ready
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