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'Ala'ala +'Ala'ala (referred to in the literature as ''Lala'', ''Nara'', or ''Pokau'') is a Central Papuan language of the Papuan Tip cluster spoken by about 4000 people living on and near the coast about 100 to 150km northwest of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.


Abaza +Abaza is a language spoken in Karachay-Cherkess Republic. In 2002 there were 38.200 speakers in Russian Federation. Alternative names are Abazin, Abazintsy and Ashuwa.
Abkhaz +Abkhaz is a North Caucasian language spoken by around 117.000 speakers, mainly in Georgia.
Ain/Paradigms/to X +The blank partially segmented paradigm for Ainu verbs taken from Tamura (2000)
Ain/Paradigms/to X/I +The blank partially segmented prefix paradigm for Ainu intransitive verbs
Ain/Paradigms/to X/T +The blank partially segmented prefix paradigm for Ainu transitive verbs
Ainu +Ainu (or Ainu Itak) is a moribund isolated language spoken by less than 100 people of the Ainu ethnic group on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaidō.
Ainu/Intrans +Ainu intransitive paradigms.
Ainu/Trans +Ainu transitive paradigms.
Akawaio +Akawaio is spoken in Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela by about 4,500 people. It belongs to the Cariban family.
Akusha Dargi +The Dargi language is spoken by some 366,000 people, the majority of whom live in the Daghestan republic (Russia). The Akusha dialect differs minimally from Standard Dargi.
Ale/Paradigms/to X +Bergsland 1997 (source E)
Ale/Paradigms/to X/I +The intransitive paradigm (source E)
Ale/Paradigms/to X/T +The transitive paradigm taken (source A)
Aleut +Aleut is an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken by around 490 speakers, mainly in the United States.
Algonquian/AI +Animate intransitive paradigm with obviative.
Algonquian/II +Inanimate intransitive paradigm with obviative.
Algonquian/Intrans +Combined intransitive paradigm class for algonquian languages.
Algonquian/TA +Transitive animate paradigm with obviative and inanimate agent.
Algonquian/TI +Transitive inanimate paradigm with obviaitve, inanimate and unspecific agent.
Algonquian/Trans +Combined transitive paradigm class for algonquian languages.
AnimateObviation +Exclusive, inclusive, 2nd, 3rd animate/inanimate (plus obviation) and unspecified person & singular and plural number.
Aph/Paradigms/to all +All paradigms
Aph/Paradigms/to all/Npst +Non-Past from Karen Ebert (1997): "A Grammar of Athpare".
Aph/Paradigms/to all/Pst +Past from Karen Ebert (1997): "A Grammar of Athpare".
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